Stone export is first priory in Iran

Stone export is first priory in Iran

Stone export is first priory

Mohammad babaie
Mohammad babaie

Mohammad babaei Vice chairman of stone association of Esfahan in exclusive interview with Iran stone news agency announced I’m assistant of stone factory association in Isfahan about 2 years. major activity of association is dealing with financial problem of cutting stone factory’s ,specially VAT, control prices  ,sale and quality of stone processing factories is another activates of association .

He continued I am working  in stone industry about 30years in my opinion for export our products and stone industry development in Iran we should this will be possible with hard efforts .stone industry in Iran has the power and capacity to be replaced oil industry.

Manager of cutting stone association added unfortunately in some case we see that block stone quarries with out processing are exported that this issue had a lot of problem for factory .

In other side, importing of natural stone slabs  is another problem. some counters buy block from Iran .and after processing sell that to ourselves again.

He says providing facilities with logical interest for updating cutting machines can help the stone industry and export in Iran