Exports of Daie heydar Granite to Turkey

Exports of Daie heydar Granite to Turkey

Exports of Daie heydar Granite to Turkey


Ghadamali Khosravani Treasurer of Crusader Guild Association Khomeni shar and Managing Director of Granite daie heidar factory  in interview with Iran stone news agency added: Started my activity on 2004  and from 3 years ago joined  guild of Khomeini shahr
He added: More manufacturers believe that, the result of Stone industry problems  are Asset and Tax Office and Lack of raw materials, Lack of workers experience but I think the main problem is pay terms and there isn’t warranty. From 2 years ago we have more problems with this issue.

Treasurer of the stone factories Association Added:  Meeting and Discussion are about  problems and lacks are more effect able this sector, these meeting are holding once every two weeks . Partnership with the municipality and other organizations are our main activity.

Khosravani Continued: unfortunately  Iran’s export situation isn’t suitable, Increase exchange rate will export more raw material. We corporate with Turkey too. Government should  support and consider some facilities.

And the end: Exhibitions and advertisement due to increase 80% our sale and export . if Government consider facilities we able to grow better.