Today Indonesua is one of the world’s dynamic economy

Today Indonesua is one of the world’s dynamic economy

Today Indonesua is one of the world's dynamic economy


Today Indonesia is one of the worlds most dynamic economies, with GDP growth last year of 4. 8%. According to the Boston Consulting Group – a world leader in strategic business strategy – the country is the next big opportunity in Asia, destined to follow in the footsteps of the Asian “tigers” of the 1990s thanks to economic policy de-voted to investments and a domestic market of 235 million people – the worlds fourth largest population – which makes Indonesia less sensitive than smaller neighboring countries to the fortunes of exports.

Although in Indonesia the Made in Italy is still relatively scarce, with exports of 1.1 billion euros in 2016 the growth trend has considerably increased in recent years.
Narrowing the analysis to the stone sector, on the basis of CONFINDLISTRIA MAHMUMACCHINE data in 2016 In-
donesia imported ornamental stones from Italy worth more than 23 million euros (up nearly 50% from the previous year), some 14 million of which were in purchases
of finished and semi-finished products. The Asian country also ranks twenty- third among buyers of Italian machinery
and equipment for quarrying and processing stone materials, with imports worth about 12 million. Given these facts, after the successive experience in 2016, CONFINDUSTRIA MARMUMACCHINE -in cooperation with the ICE Industrial Technology, Energy and Envi-
ronment office – has again promoted and organized an Italian group exhibit at the WORLD STONE FAIR in Jakarta, scheduled for May 17 to 21. Organized in the context of INDOBUILDTECH – Indonesia’s biggest building sector event- WORLD STONE FAIR is a reference showcase for the stone materials and stone technologies sector in the Southeast Asian area.