Yazd Stone Cluster

Yazd Stone Cluster

Yazd Stone Cluster


Yazd Stone Cluster


Assistant of Small Industries:                           Zabiollah Zare

Expert:                                                                Mohammad Dehghan

Cluster Development Agent:                             Mohammad Karimi


Industrial Cluster

Industrial cluster is set of companies and active industrial units in an industrial field and concentrated in a geographic region to confront with common opportunities and threats, and mutual cooperation, organizations support, related and specialized agencies, has established a network which capable of synergy the capabilities of the set of series and at result the growth capacity of cluster members are to deal with problems and common issues. In Cluster form, series of companies cooperated with together in one method to eliminate common barriers and problems and in this method will be benefit from Government Support.


The advantage of Development with Cluster Approach:

-The synergic between firms and organized them in form of the set unit

-The flexibility and High variety with large-scale production

– Scale of economic production due to the integration of homogeneous units

-Economic Justification of create and strength service and support centers in various fields such as marketing, reference laboratories, technical advice and financial etc.

– Competition with the Cooperation

–  Easy and faster access to raw material suppliers, services and specialized human resources.

–  creating opportunities for collaboration between competitors

– facilitate the exchange of information and experiences similar

-access to knowledge pioneer and increasing opportunity for development and knowledge exchange

– Reduction of operation and production costs

– Helping to increase productivity and avoid for wasting resources

–   Quickly adapt with innovations

– increasing the competitiveness of enterprises



 Small Industries Organization and Iran Industrial Cities

Iran in Recent years to review and provide the required infrastructure has made for the identification, mapping the country clusters, training programs  , providing the  Cluster Development Agents, operation of pilot projects and  signed contracts with agents of development. Small industries organization and Iran Industrial cities, Custodian of the establishment of industrial estates in the country, as the first leading organization in the development of industrial clusters in the country created his plans to develop established clusters in Iran.


Some Activities of Cluster until now:

       Holding different exhibition in Stone industry

       Creating the Stone Association in Yazd Province

       Holding of domestic and foreign industrial Tour about stone for Development and communication between the various actors in the Stone industry

       Holding various trading courses for Business Managers in stone industry

       Carry out researches work in the stone industry with prestigious professors

       Perform Industrial Pathology

       Research projects for development of stone industry

       Research projects for the development and improvement of stone industry market

       Trading Seminars


  Future plans:


  • Create of export Consortium for stone industry
  • Create a brand for Yazd stone industry and the attempt to introduce the brand to the domestic and foreign markets for business improvement stone industry
  • Provide a platform for exports in Yazd Province So the  Yazd province’s exports  increase to double or more
  • Training courses with the subject of efficient use of waste rock that the necessary platforms increase for gaining  productivity in the industry
  • Training courses in field of building stone carpets
  • Training courses in field of sculpture
  • Training courses in field of crafts of stone
  • Supporting the fairs that are held in stone industry